6 Ideas for a Garage Conversions

As per usual, EZ Builders is here with a construction project that is now apart of Los Angeles Law. It allows homeowners to turn their garage into an extra living space.  This process is called Garage Conversions.. Garage to Guest Room Conversion

Garage to Gym Conversion

If you’re looking to drop your gym membership and have it all setup in the backyard, then this is the way to go. A Garage to gym conversion is a very popular conversion to be done. Many people would like their own private place to exercise before or after a long day at work.


Garage to Kids Play Room Conversion

Have you found that there is not enough room for the kids to play and that they may need an alternate room to visit? Looking into a Garage to Kids Play Room Conversion may be in your best interest. This will keep the house clean & quiet so you can focus on what you need to do while the kids have the Play Room to keep them satisfied.


Garage to Entertainment Room Conversion

Just as the kids need to play, so do the adults, look into having a Garage to Entertainment room conversion so you can keep your guests occupied after dinner. In these kinds of rooms there is usually a TV, Bar, Couch, Music, Pool Table, Etc.


Garage to Studio Conversion

Looking for some peace and quiet in your new art or music studio? This is the best way to add some new space for your to be creative. If you’re an artist, then it may be in your best interest to think about a Garage to Studio Conversion so you can have a place just for your work.


Garage to Office Conversion

This is a very common and popular Garage Conversion project, the Garage to Office conversion, for the businessman or businesswoman your strive to be.  Having a home office can be absolutely great for doing quick work when out of the office, or even for conducting all of your businesses. No need to rent office space if you can do it from your new Garage to Office Conversion.


Garage to Guest Room Conversion

Lastly, the most common type of Garage Conversion, turning your newly remodeled space into a guest room. If you’re looking to have guests, family, or friends, that want to visit the city or need a place to stay, this is a great way to add value and usefulness to your garage.