Bathrooms take over Kitchens as the most “Popular” Renovation/Remodeling Project Type

Bathrooms are the most common remodeling project

EZ Builders has been doing bathroom and kitchen remodeling for over 15 years. We’ve also concluded the same information that bathrooms are slightly more common than any other project. These are projected to have gone up because homeowners are looking for ways to adapt to the new demand for “green upgrades” and are looking to raise the value of their home.

Why bathroom remodeling can raise the value of a home at lower costs than other rooms?  Bathrooms are very original and can say a lot about the time spent creating a house. A recently remodeled bathroom can consist of just new materials – causing the value of the home to rise because of the recent construction.

The studies also show that since green upgrades are becoming more in demand, low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are the most common green building product being installed. Programmable thermostats are among the most used product’s in terms of green building.

Here are the NAHB Sources:

In a survey by NAHB they concluded these statistics:

In the survey, Renovation companies reported the most common projects in 2017:

  • 81% had bathroom remodeling done
  • 78% had kitchen remodeling done
  • 49% had whole house remodeling done
  • 37% had room additions done
  • 30% had window/door replacements done

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