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How Long Does a Home Last?

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The Life Expectancy of a Home A household does not have an average lifespan, this is because repairs, maintenance and renovations can be done to keep it in tact. All components of a household can be replaced and therefore the lifespan generally relies on the homeowner. However, every component of a house has its own

Why new homes are more efficient

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New Homes are becoming increasingly more efficient, but what are the main reasons this is happening? Energy Star Rated Appliances Home builders have began to install energy star appliances when constructing homes because of the huge financial benefits over time.  Energy Star kitchen appliances, water heaters, air-conditioners, furnaces, etc are examples of what is being

Hire a Top Rated General Contractor in Los Angeles

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EZ Builders Group Inc. Located in Los Angeles, CA - EZ Builders Group Inc. is a local team of general contractors providing a full range of professional home construction services. We're known for making any project as eays and smooth as possible. Following a strict schedule & using our past experiences - All of our

How Seasons can affect Construction

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Autumn - Winter During Autumn & Winter, the risk for dangerous sites get considerably higher. With colder wind, rain, snow, & ice, it can create problems for workers. Ice, water, & snow can cause workers to trip or falls - which can be very dangerous if it happens in the wrong place.  Workers also have

Differences between a Trac builder, Spec Builder, & Custom Home Builder

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EZ Builders is an experienced team of local contractors looking to make your dream home a reality. Here are the differences between a Trac Builder, Spec Builder, & Custom home Builder. Custom Home Builders Custom home builders provide home owners with a completely custom and original homes. Most small - medium construction companies identify as

Characteristics of your local home construction company, EZ Builders.

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EZ Builders is a professional home construction company Located in Los Angeles, CA, EZ Builders strives to be a top home construction company - a title we proudly hold. On-time scheduling EZ Builders tries extremely hard to make sure everything is scheduled and on time. This can be especially hard when things are not completely