Bathroom Shower Installation Services

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Are you looking for a high quality bathroom shower that you will enjoy for the rest of your life?  EZ Builders has a team of local contractors that have years of experience building beautiful bathrooms with professional showers that have available customization's.

Professional Custom Bathroom Remodeling Services

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When hiring the right company for bathroom remodeling services, it's almost always essential to go with a dedicated contractor that has experience in designing and constructing bathrooms. Creating a quality custom bathroom is no easy task. When designing and constructing a bathroom, you want to have the right kind of colors and material to add

Water Fall & Pool Construction by EZ Builders

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EZ Builders is a swimming pool & spa construction company located in Southern California. With over 25 years of experience, we deliver quality construction services, focusing on customer control and customization. Outdoor Spa & Pool design is one of the very many services that we've mastered and are proud to share our recent work.  Along

Retrofitting Services by EZ Builder CA

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 What is Retrofitting? Retrofitting is a technique to construct your home in a way where its base will not cripple under the pressure of a seisimic event. Households that are 25 years or older will most likely always need to be retrofitted. New research has found that retrofitting can greatly prevent damages done from earthquakes.

Are you looking for a quality Room Addition Contractor in Los Angeles?

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So you've finally decided to add new space to your home.  Before you even start looking for a contractor, it's important you know exactly what you want and it is written down with clear ideas for your new room addition. If you're looking to turn your written down plans into a real room design, it

6 Ideas for a Garage Conversions

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As per usual, EZ Builders is here with a construction project that is now apart of Los Angeles Law. It allows homeowners to turn their garage into an extra living space.  This process is called Garage Conversions.. Garage to Guest Room Conversion Garage to Gym Conversion If you're looking to drop your gym membership and