Choosing the right material and color for your kitchen or bathroom remodel projects.

When designing a kitchen or bathroom the color and material is extremely important.  Not only does it dictate the final cost, but also the feel of the room. From plastic laminate to high priced marble and quartz – there are an infinite combination of designs that can be done successfully.

Different types of Materials:


Laminate is made through layers of plastic that combined together make a strong surface that can be used as a countertop, floor, etc.

Although the traditional look of laminate was white plastic, basic, and considered “ugly”. Newer versions of laminate focus on design that mock materials like wood, granite, marble, stainless steel, etc. These have proven to be not only a good alternative in design but also much lower priced than other surfaces used like natural stone or quartz.

Along with being extremely inexpensive compared to other options, or a wide variety of colors and  patterns, it is also an extremely easy installation. Prefabricated laminates are available on the market for easy installation that considerably help lower costs on expensive projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Laminates may also come with it’s downfalls. It can be possibly dented, scratched, or punctured if done so with a sharp enough object, something that will not happen with most natural stones and all quartz. It can be seen as either good or bad that the material is lightweight, which can make it feel unstable at times.  The stigma that comes with Laminates may also be an issue for some homeowners – it’s not always about the facts but sometimes about what people think. Laminates are considered cheap and unattractive to the general public making it seem like any type of laminates – even stylish, may not be in the homeowners best interest.

Crushed Glass –

This is a fairly new material rising in popularity among custom designed kitchen and bathrooms. Crushed glass is a manufactured material made from recycled glass embedded inside clear acrylic or concert.

These are used in beautiful designs that are going for a more expensive and trendy feel. Most crushed glass pieces are custom made and therefore each one is manufactured differently – making each one unique.

Some pluses included with crushed glass is that regardless of being called crushed glass, these are extremely strong & tough materials especially when made with acrylic. Since it is acrylic, they are very easy to clean and maintenance. Crushed glass it available in a huge variety of looks because there are an infinite combination of glass sizes, consistencies, shapes, frequency, etc.

Quartz –

This is a material that is becoming extremely popular in kitchen and bathroom counter top space. However being one of the most expensive options, it is one of the best. Quartz Countertops are more stain resistant than natural stone because they are less porous and therefore easier to maintenance and clean.

Quartz counter tops are generally integrated with a sink basin and have many styles and colors variable. There are many different types of Quartz because unlike what is perceived, Quartz is not complete quartz but grinded quartz and a combination of natural stone and minerals mixed in with pigment for special colors. Another downside with Quartz is that is has a considerably lower heat resistance than natural stone.

Natural Stone –

Some of the most popular types of materials being used along with Quartz is Natural stone like marble and granite. These can sometimes be a pricey project however always worth it. Marble and granite are natural minerals that hold beautiful colors that may seem unrealistic at times.


Marble is available at almost infinite colors and patterns. It is considered one of the most beautiful majestic natural stones available. Solid marble slabs can cost $100-200 per square foot, making it expensive for the average homeowner.


A very similar material to marble, granite is a natural stone that can have a variety of colors and patterns. Granite is more likely to have particles and streaks of colors and less often veins like marble would have.  Granite is the most common natural stone used for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Its important to keep in mind that both marble and granite have completely original designs and no two slabs are identical.


Rarely used for bathroom and kitchen counter tops, limestone is a very porous material that requires a lot of maintenance.  Its more common for limestone counter tops to be made out of separate tiles.


This is a lot less porous than granite or marble. The colors are generally uniform like black, grey, etc.

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