Differences between a Trac builder, Spec Builder, & Custom Home Builder

EZ Builders is an experienced team of local contractors looking to make your dream home a reality. Here are the differences between a Trac Builder, Spec Builder, & Custom home Builder.

Custom Home Builders

Custom home builders provide home owners with a completely custom and original homes. Most small – medium construction companies identify as custom home builders because they work with the customer individually to create a uniquely designed home. Usually custom builders work with designers, architect, etc. to create an original design.

Common features in these home include custom door entrances, arches, high ceilings, custom rooms, extra bathrooms, etc.  These homes are tailored to the home buyers specs to meet the lifestyle they desire. Even simple small houses that don’t have a lot of “customization’s” are still considered custom homes.

EZ Builders works hard with the homeowner and architect to create your dream home. We make sure to be original in design and follow specs that the homeowner is looking for like: amenities, features, style, and creative touches.

Spec Builder

Spec home builders are projects where the home buyer has bought a lot, or piece of land and wants to build a home to sell. It gets its name because these are people “speculating” on whether they can make money on the home or not.

Spec homes can be sold while it’s in construction phase or not, and a lot more of the specs are chosen by the builders themselves. These homes can be small, medium, or large, it just depends on the intent of the home.

EZ Builders can provide you with a quality spec home for fair prices, making sure that you will make profit on your next home sale.

Tract or Production Home Builders

Tract, also known as production home builders are companies that buy a large plot of land and build modeled houses on them. Production builders are basically “wholesale builders” and construct homes at a high volume. They build all types of things from small single family homes, to condominiums, large homes, town houses, and more.

These homes are built with a certain price point so quality can be compromised. They have little to no changes to other houses in the lot and usually and little alterations can be made.

These homes usually have very cheap interior like cabinets, low grade paint, cheaper framing components, and a lot of other assets that make them budget homes to create.

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