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Garage conversions are generally never an easy task. Contact EZ Builders for a professional, well thought out, well designed, and well constructed garage.  For over 15 years, our team has been converting old garages into beautiful garages that add a new purposes to the space.  Garage conversions are also great at adding extra value onto your property, this can make it a great investment to hire EZ Builders for your new and improved garage.

What kind of garage conversions are possible?

EZ Builders Group Inc. can you provide you with any type of garage design you would like. Garages are generally converted in Offices, Bedrooms, extra Living rooms, game rooms, etc. People have come to us for many different reasons to complete a garage conversion, some prime examples are: The family is having a baby and needs more space, The children have grown up and another room is needed, a new  room is needed to host family or friends, apartment for extra rent revenue.

Is a permit needed for Garage Conversions in Woodland Hills, and the rest of LA County?

Generally, a permit is needed because in most cases a water lines, electrical installations, or gas lines. Even empty rooms are usually complicated enough that it would require a permit in Los Angeles County.

If you hire EZ Builders, you wont have to worry about any permits or regulations, we have it covered. We will first identify which permits are needed and then continue to apply on your behalf.

EZ Builders makes it a priority to follow all regulations, rules, and laws, this makes sure you have a safe & professional construction project.

Adding or Converting Space into a Garage

EZ Builders can also turn a existing part of the house or space into an entirely new garage.  We can also do reverse-garage conversion.

Contact EZ Builders for a free in-home quote today.

How long does a Garage Conversion usually take?

Each project will take a different amount of time depending on the scale. Usually, the larger the project, and the more complicated, the longer it will take. Generally, small, or one car garages take about a week to complete whilst other can take a month or longer.

If you’re looking for more information on time frames, EZ builders will always provide an accurate time frame for your project so you know exactly how long it will take.

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