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EZ Builders Group Inc.

Located in Los Angeles, CA – EZ Builders Group Inc. is a local team of general contractors providing a full range of professional home construction services. We’re known for making any project as eays and smooth as possible. Following a strict schedule & using our past experiences – All of our projects turn out a “Dream Home”

Why we’re top rated

EZ Builders Group Inc. is known as a top rated construction company in Los Angeles County. We have hundreds of 5 star reviews from clients across SoCal that are completely satisfied with our work. We focus on making sure all of our clients are %100 happy with their construction projects. 

We work on going above and beyond our customers expectations by providing precise general contracting services. We include a sense of creativity, design, & professionalism with every dream home we build.

Centered in Los Angeles

Along with being a successful team of general contractors – we’re also located in the heart of Los Angeles County. We’ve been doing services in So Cal for since 1992 – (That’s over 20 years of home construction).

With our experience, professionalism, & work ethic, it’s easy to see why EZ Builders Group Inc. is a #1 choice for so many residents.

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