How Seasons can affect Construction

Autumn – Winter

During Autumn & Winter, the risk for dangerous sites get considerably higher. With colder wind, rain, snow, & ice, it can create problems for workers. Ice, water, & snow can cause workers to trip or falls – which can be very dangerous if it happens in the wrong place.  Workers also have to dress warmer, therefore lowering mobility, making even more accidents.


Moisture can become a huge problem when involved in construction work, for example, iron and steel are extremely susceptible to moisture which can cause rust. Wood is almost always at risk to become damaged from moisture, along with paint and glue which can cause huge problems if not treated properly. The right materials and processes must be used to construct a house in moist climates. Bricks, for example, are immediately affected by moisture during the building process.


Thunderstorms cause high speed winds, and heavy rain, and this can cause a huge amount of damage to construction sites. When these things are involved, its possible for damage to occur, for example: high winds can damage materials,

Extreme Cold

Concrete and cement will start to form ice particles in extreme cold, making them lose a significant amount of stability and strength. Extreme cold is also known to contract materials, this means that applying paint or glue on these materials during extreme cold can cause cracking and therefore instability in the structures.

Spring – Summer

During the summer and spring, problems will usually not be as significant however, Spring actually carries more moisture because of the hot and cold weather combined. Summer also brings hot weather, which will completely change the work environment.

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