Retrofitting Services by EZ Builder CA

 What is Retrofitting?

Retrofitting is a technique to construct your home in a way where its base will not cripple under the pressure of a seisimic event. Households that are 25 years or older will most likely always need to be retrofitted. New research has found that retrofitting can greatly prevent damages done from earthquakes. Structures built after 1990 will more than likely have retrofitting or some kind of earthquake resistant construct. Home and business owners that live in active seismic zones should always have their structures retrofitted to prevent injuries or damage during earthquakes

Common Steps for Retrofitting

To successfully have your home retrofitted, a professional will determine what kind of retrofitting you will need, considering several factors about your structure.

Retrofitting has different steps to be taken to improve the safety of a structure.

Cripple Wall Bracing

When retrofitting, structures are usually built with cripple walls. Cripple walls are short walls that rest on a home foundations to support the floor, exterior walls, and therefore the whole structure. If cripple walls are not braced, they can shift during an earthquake. EZ Builders provides bracing for your foundations cripple wall so we can keep your family safe. Installing bracing on cripple walls is very important to keeping a safe home.  Having your retrofitting project done right can prevent seismic events from causing injury or damage.

Foundation Bolting

Another part of retrofitting is foundation bolting, this is when you install bolts in the foundation to make sure the structure is stable.  If a home is not properly bolted, or not at all, its possible for the home to move slightly during an earthquake. If homes slip off the foundation it can cause gas lines to rupture, which can possibly lead to fire/explosions. Foundation bolting is done by drilling holes through the sill plate where the bolts are then installed into the foundation.  For foundation bolting to work, the whole process must be done correctly.

Anchoring to Mud Sill

Mud Sill is the wood that is found on top of the foundation, these were not available before the 1950’s. Without anchors, a home or building can slide off of its foundation during an earthquake.  this process of Retrofitting by anchoring to a mud sill is a solid way to prevent earthquakes.  To prevent it, anchors or installed every 6 feet in accordance with uniform building codes.

Any retrofitting can prevent millions in damage, and more importantly, save lives.

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