What are the Best new features for Los Angeles, CA Homes

Most Wanted Home Features

Los Angeles, CA Homeowners

Los Angeles is a city full of people with ambition, creativity, & money. Everyday people are adding new features to put themselves a step ahead in home personalizing and lifestyle. There are many features that are up and coming in Los Angeles, CA.


Who doesnt want an elevator in their own home? Ever thought that this was only for “Rich” people?

Elevators are becoming more and more common in homes because of their ability to move large items around at faster rates. Not only this but in homes with multiple floors it may be in your best interest to invest in an elevator.

These are becoming more useful for people that are handicapped or have medical conditions which disable them from walking easily. An addition like an Elevator may cost $25,000-$35,000 depending on how many floors & stops it has.


Solar is becoming a huge trend in Los Angeles, CA – As homeowners are becoming more and more energy conscious they are worried about their energy consumption and wanna work towards decreasing it. Adding Solar roofing is a huge step forward in the right direction while adding a “futuristic” look to your home.

Entire solar roofs are designed specifically for residential households, these are the future in household solar power. The Energy commission estimates that these solar panels add an approximate $10,000 to the value of a home whilst cutting the monthly costs by $80/Month.

Doggy Showers

Usually three feet wide and 2 feet above the ground, and a special faucet at your waste. These Doggy showers are the newest thing for wealthy Los Angeles residents. Usually with a tiled walling & located in the laundry room, this is the place where we give our furry friends showers.

Along with this is also doggy drawers which will dispense the water and food at a low height for the dog to eat. This can be pushed back in and hidden out of site to avoid any accidents.


California Room

Indoor-Outdoor space with a ceiling and one or two walls. It can be used as a dining room or just for entertaining guests. These spaces usually have couches, TV, Fireplace, ceiling fan, & a fancy tile or concrete floor. These were created for homeowners that are looking for an outdoor feel while still chilling indoors.

Piggy Bank Attics

This involves adding R19 insulation into the rafters in the attic. Another energy efficiency technique, this will be something that is required in homes by 2020. This allows the attic to stay alot cooler meaning the house below is closer to room temperature. In return, this allows the Air Conditioning and ducts to work in an environment that will let it sustain a cool temperature and not overwork.

Electricity Based Stove Tops

Electricity based inductive stove tops – An alternative to Gas. This is part of building a No-Carbon emission home.

NextGen Homes

These NextGen homes are homes that include in-law apartments or private areas of the house that have their own front door, with a different front door to the house. These homes come in light of people looking for multi-generational family homes.  These apartments have their own kitchenettes, laundry, living area, bedroom, bathroom, etc. This is great for having older guests, renting out spaces (like AirBnB), etc.


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