Why new homes are more efficient

New Homes are becoming increasingly more efficient, but what are the main reasons this is happening?

Energy Star Rated Appliances

Home builders have began to install energy star appliances when constructing homes because of the huge financial benefits over time.  Energy Star kitchen appliances, water heaters, air-conditioners, furnaces, etc are examples of what is being used by construction companies.

Advanced House Farming

Residential Construction companies nowadays use optimum value engineering, also known as Advanced House Farming. This technique helps reduce the use of lumber and prevent the accumulation of waste when working with wood. This construction process is used specifically to build houses that are more energy efficient – using single lumber headers and replacing wood frames with insulation.

Better Insulation

New home construction projects focus on providing better insulation than we’ve had in the past. This will greatly reduce the need for air cooling or heating systems in the home. The better the insulation, the less use is needed from an HVAC, resulting in reduced energy usage. Choosing the right materials (For Example: Roofing) can play a major roll in how effective the homes overall insulation can be.

Multi-Pane Vinyl Windows

A single pane window can account for a critical portion of energy costs. When using a heating or cooling system, single pane windows, energy can be lost through it.

Multi-Pane vinyl windows were created to keep the window but allow for a certain amount of insulation. This can not only save energy but also reduce costs. Home builders are begging to use these exclusively when constructing windows for houses.

Smarter Building Additions

New homeowners are becoming more aware of the important of energy reduction. Technologies like zonal heating & cooling systems, solar panels, & geothermal heaters are becoming more and more common for home projects. These additions are specifically made to reduce energy consumption – proving they’re a worthwhile investment form some homes.

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